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Career With Us

Why GSC ?

We follow a stable wage regime which is transferred monthly via staff’s ATM; incentives per quarter and bonus per year based on staff’s KPI assessment; extra bonus for individuals due to their own effort and dedication.

GSC is proud of our young, dynamic, enthusiastic and creative staff. In GSC environment, you can develop yourselves mostly, bring joy and success at work.

On one hand, our GSC is a secured member of global Worldwide 3PLN Network with members in more than 190 countries. Beside, our system of management and operation are certified ISO 9001: 2008. Our staff are well-trained with “home” training programs of operation skills, foreign language, soft skills which are really useful to their jobs.

We offer special preferences for employees such as annual traveling tour, two sets of uniforms per year, celebrations as well as exciting outside activities. We pay daily lunch for all staff so that they can share the family-like atmosphere and snacks before every training classes to make sure our staff are in good health to study and work.

We pay for employee incentives in accordance with the policies of the State of Vietnam: medical insurance, social insurance and unemployment insurance for staffs; maternity leave, sick leave ...


GSC is the aim of the young people who wish to develop Vietnam by their own efforts. You have opportunities not only to be side by side with the local enterprises to sell their products to the overseas markets, but also support them to develop themselves by their own ways. You may be either trained or untrained, experienced or un-experienced because you’ll be trained to become professional if you commit to work and accomply with us and you’re enthusiastic enough.
Staffs wanted: sales and marketing
Requirement: university graduated, either experienced or un-experienced